Psychology-First Technology Development

What we do

Gyral is a modern psychology enterprise.

We are building Psychological Operating Systems - scalable application platforms that enable the simulation, forecasting, and influencing of future human behaviours.

The Operating System is powered using Gyral’s unique Large Psychology Model - a technology based on Nobel Prize winning neuroscientific research and focused on organisational relationships, dynamics, and productivity.

The first stage in building the Operating System is Gyral's proprietary conversation agent based on a one-to-one psychological model of complex human behaviours, both intrapersonal and interpersonal.

Creating impact

Disengaged employees leads to an annual global economic impact of c. $9 trillion every year from lost productivity (source: Gallup 2023).

Organisations are complex human systems driven by individual and cultural psychology.

While executives may have an understanding about what the organisation is doing, they do not know how and why such systems operate the way that they do.

Gyral’s technologies model complex human systems and provide huge competitive advantages.

  • understand how your organisation actually works to make it more efficient
  • understand why your organisation really works to make it more effective
  • simulate and forecast outcomes of complex actions and high consequence decisions
  • influence human behaviour at scale to ensure desired organisational outcomes