Psychological Health Webinars & Podcasts

Applying Artificial Intelligence

Gyral is a modern psychology enterprise and our research is accessible via both psychological health webinar and podcast.

At each session, you’ll hear from our own in-house experts at Gyral as well as insights from guest speakers, who share solutions to challenges, and discuss the role that positive environments and techniques can play in overcoming them.

2024 Diary for Webinars & Podcasts

We have a diary of events already set out for 2024 including:

Mental Health Charities – the landscape and the future
With reports of charities reducing headcount or even withdrawing services, can modern technology solutions help?  This psychological health webinar looks at the current state of UK charities and how they are dealing with the current mental health crisis.

AI Ethics – is compliance enough?
What kind of AI Ethics framework should you be using – and how do you implement it?

What to do with your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)?
Are the EAP offerings of the twentieth century fit for current and future purpose? Are such programmes being used, or just window dressing? What alternatives are open to the modern organisation?

Organisational Psychometrics – are current services fit for future purpose?
Almost every organisational psychometric service is based on early twentieth century research and is keenly protected by service providers profiting from keeping the status quo. But is the status quo flawed and what can be done about it?

Suicide – is zero tolerance achievable?
While there is much conversation about empowering, educating, and equipping individuals and organisations to support suicide awareness and prevention, is it enough? Can technology take early and meaningful action?