Gyral is a team of psychologists, engineers and innovators united in our mission to help organisations gain commercial advantage through the strength of their cultural psychology.

The founders of Gyral recognise that organisations crave certainty which is why they prefer to use explicit (factual) data.

It is increasingly easy to identify what has happened and what will happen in the future if nothing changes.

Generative AI technologies trade in presenting a firm knowledge. In reality, they offer a probabilistic mash-up of a range of absolutely certain data sources.

Because of this probabilistic mash-up, the output of Generative AI technologies are far from certain.

The randomised output from Generative AI can be useful for creating apparently creative work such as graphics but is far less useful for originating text with a high level of factual certainty.

The founders launched Gyral in 2023 with a mission to develop psychology-first technologies. These start with ambiguous and sparse data within social interactions and dynamically presenting psychological and behavioural insights for decision making.

Our Leadership Team

Neil Fogarty, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With over 35 years experience in business growth, Neil’s final substantive post was as Business Director of Tribal Group Plc., where his team generated £20M of annual revenue.

He has been engaged on four continents to speak, advise and consult on entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and leadership.  This includes being a visiting lecturer at Business Schools in Africa, Middle East, and Central Europe.

His experience ranges from startups and growth to intervention, turnaround, merger, acquisition, and divestment.

Neil established his first SaaS company in 1999, and latterly co-founded Human – a deep tech enterprise specialising in generative AI applications and psycholinguistic technology.

Experienced in complex B2B sales including provision of training and coaching in Miller Heiman sales processes, Neil has sold and delivered services and solutions to organisations including Central Government, Local Government, Telecoms, and Banking.

Ian McLaren Wallace, Co-Founder & Chief Psychologist

Ian is a multi-award-winning psychologist with over 40 years experience in psychology, linguistics, and human behaviour.

As well as a significant body of work on TV, Radio, and podcasts, his background includes executive support to such enterprises as BP, IBM, Cap Gemini and Sainsbury’s Bank in corporate psychology and leadership development.

In 2018, Ian leveraged over a decade’s experience in applying deep psychology to technology in linguistics and therapy, as he co-founded Human.

Ian’s latest research is in the field of psychospatiality and active prescience applied at both the individual and collective level.

Graeme Cox, Chief Technology Officer

Graeme is the Founder and CEO of Attercop – a team of data scientists, engineers and innovators focused on Generative AI.

He has has over two decades of experience in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and data science.

Graeme is named on two AI patents and four research papers from numerous research grant awards, and has founded and operated four technology businesses with two exits.